more clay stumpwork

Here’s a development of an earlier idea – stumpwork figures applied to a clay background


This time I used coloured slip to create a darker background to contrast with the paler fabric. The figures have a left leaning slant, which was unintentional, but I quite like it that way.

in the undergrowth

I combined ceramic and willow in this piece, that emerges from the woodland floor.


The ceramic forms a frill around the mouth of the flower-like growth, whilst brown willow (willow with its bark still intact) weaves around and around to form an open-work throat, rising up from the ground.

mixed media hedgerow

I’ve used ceramic and textile to create a version of a hedge that runs along a field close to my house. The central element is a ceramic slab upon which I created leaf shapes using hedgerow leaves and coloured slips.


I wanted to depict the chain-link fence that is also in the hedgerow line, so I photographed the fence and transferred it onto fabric using acrylic paint.

I’m very pleased with the way this worked!

Cas Holmes workshop

I’m just back from 3 days of workshops led by the remarkably talented textile artist┬áCas Holmes.

Cas taught us new ways to work with old materials, to create surfaces with multiple layers of interest and work within the principles of sustainability. I created two folded books, the first inspired by the broadland landscape:


and the second using vintage family embroidery and other family textiles, and some old crochet and embroidery instructions: