honesty collage experiments

here is a series of textile experiments where I have been stitching dried honesty seed heads to cotton satin fabric


I used just 2 colours initially, adding a backstitched seed head outline


in the final piece I changed the seed head to a more muted tone


what I liked about these pieces was that the shape of the honesty sprig I used was different each time, so the design is always in response to the natural form.


hard and soft textures

Here are a few sample pieces where I have stitched softer materials onto a stoneware base.

ceramic stumpwork 1.JPG

This one has a padded circle of French knots, applied stumpwork-style.

ceramic crochet 1.JPG

These two have padded crochet circles. The first one is fairly flat. When making the other I experimented with changing the shape of the crochet, by varying the height and density of stitches.

ceramic crochet 2.JPG


This piece is inspired by a particular individual, a pearl within a swirling sea.

The base layer is calico with watery acrylic paint added. I then printed the entire surface using a specially made tessellating linocut before colouring the whole thing with spray paint. I picked out some of the design in embroidery and added layers of sheer fabrics and black threads to the edges.


I spent some time planning the piece and exploring design options.



This piece of work is designed to show how it can feel when someone is exerting their power over you.

I spent some time planning the piece, experimenting with different materials for the spikes.


In the end I used ceramic, painted black. I liked the hard, uncompromising feel of this material. The base fabric has been eco dyed using maple and cotinus leaves. The figure is padded felt with embroidered features.


stitched words

These pieces were made using a calico base onto which strips of fabric and paper had been attached using wallpaper paste. The writing on both pieces is directly inspired by the circumstances in which I was creating the work.


This first piece was made over a few days during a camping holiday with friends, it records memories of that particular time.

The second piece was made on one particularly windy day. I incorporated some linocut prints I had made, ripping them before attaching them to the fabric. Along with stitched words I also added some running stitch patterns.


stitching on gelatine prints

A gelatine plate is a great printmaking tool; you never know exactly what you are going to produce but the results never seem to disappoint. On these examples I have printed onto calico using acrylics. Some plant material from the garden provides resist patterns.

Here I have stitched on a couple of pieces, the first returns to my familiar theme of surviving domestic abuse…


And the second is more wistful…