ceramics and felt

I’ve been looking for new ways to combine ceramics with textiles, and produced these stoneware and felt creations. The felt pieces are simple cones, stitched together and stuffed so they maintain their shape.

I do find the shapes exciting, and want to try more with multiple spikes, like the one below…


hard and soft textures

Here are a few sample pieces where I have stitched softer materials onto a stoneware base.

ceramic stumpwork 1.JPG

This one has a padded circle of French knots, applied stumpwork-style.

ceramic crochet 1.JPG

These two have padded crochet circles. The first one is fairly flat. When making the other I experimented with changing the shape of the crochet, by varying the height and density of stitches.

ceramic crochet 2.JPG

ceramic and string

I made these pieces using a combination of white earthenware and perle cotton. I was thinking about those pin pictures that were around in the 1970s, and how one might make them more three dimensional. I like stitching through ceramics because I usually think of stitching as something you do through a yielding material such as fabric, but ceramics are so hard and unyielding.



I would like to do more of this, but it does get a bit fiddly in the corners.